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Lincoln College is an Associate College of The Nottingham Trent University and a Partner College of The University of Lincoln.


If you have any questions relating to the application process, pelase read our application FAQs.

Multiple courses?

If you would like to apply for more than one course, you can submit one application with all of your chosen courses listed on it.

Other formats

A large print, audio tape or braille version of this form is available, please telephone 01522 876219.

Paper based application form

Personal Details

If you have not resided in an EU country for the last 3 years or more, please make arrangements to see a College Welfare Officer.

Parent / Guardian Details
Courses Applied For

Please tell us about any Courses you are currently studying, as well as any completed qualifications you may have. Include the Subject , Level, Date and Grade (or predicted grade) where applicable.

Your Course Choice

Please provide a personal statement detailing why you wish to be considered for this programme.
Include details of relevant work experience, voluntary work, interests, hobbies and long term career plans.

Guidance and learning support

Please give details so that assessment and support may be considered.

Lincoln College provides specialist advice and resources to improve access for students with learning difficulties and disabilities to curriculum areas, to study skills and to College services. Qualified and experienced staff deliver classroom support, 1:1 tuition, communications support and assessments. The College wishes to ensure that it complies with the requirements of theEquality Act 2010. If you are a disabled person, please ensure that we know what you need so that we can make all reasonable adjustments to help you succeed.

If yes, the college will require a copy of your EHCP


If you are still attending school, the College will approach your tutor direct to request a reference. If you have left school, you will need to provide two contacts who will act as referees.


Lincoln College is registered under the Data Protection Act and collects information about prospective learners for legitimate purposes only, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. This may include:

Communicating with you regarding your application, our internal administration, communicating with you regarding our courses and services generally

Providing information to other parties as required by you or by law. These may include persons living outside the European Economic Area. At no time will your personal information be passed to organisations for sales or marketing purposes. The information provided may also be shared with other organisations for the purpose of administration, the provision of careers and other guidance and statistics/research purposes relating to education and training. Other organisations include the Department for Education, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Local Authorities, Higher Education Statistics Agency, Higher Education Funding Council for England, educational institutes and organisations performing research and statistical work on the behalf of the Skills Funding Agency, the Educational Funding Agency, or partners of these organisations.