Access to Higher Education (Teacher Training Pathway)

Are you 19 or over? Are you looking for direct entry to a degree or higher education programme?

Level: 3

Duration: One year, 3 days a week from 9am to 3pm, September to June

Venues: Lincoln


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Course description

Are you looking for direct entry to a degree or higher education programme?

Access programmes are well established throughout the country as an alternative to A level entry to degree programmes at universities and colleges of higher education. They provide entry to a degree with no previous qualifications.

The Access programme is divided into different 'pathways', catering for students with differing career and vocational ambitions.

The Access to Teacher Training pathway is tailored to suit those interested in pursuing a teaching career.

There are three core units:

  • Study Skills and Personal and Career Development - includes discussion, practice of writing skills, time management and presentation techniques.
  • Information Technology - includes keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets and databases and graphics.
  • Tutorial - is a support and guidance service.

These three elements prepare you for the requirements of degree programmes.

You choose to study two of the following subjects:

Biology: (Natural Science): using general biology with the focus on human studies, this programme introduces students to the study of investigative methods.
History: the focus is British Political, Social and Economic History 1801 - 1851.
Literature: includes study of poetry, the novel and drama, from different historical periods.

We give you experience of all the teaching, learning and assessment styles you will find on a degree programme, so that you can be confident in lectures, seminars and discussion groups, as well as in writing essays. We start with what you can do and build up from there.

Entry requirements

Qualifications required:

GCSE Maths grade C or above

GCSE English grade C or above

GCSE Science grade C or above

All students are required to pass the Lincoln College diagnostic test in Maths and English followed by a satisfactory interview with a relevant pathway tutor.

Progress & Assessment

Assessment is based on coursework and examinations.

Progression is to degrees and other higher education programmes.

The Access programme is certified by the Cambridge Access Validating Agency (CAVA) validated by the Quality Assurance Agency for HE. Most universities will expect you to have studied subjects or have experience in the areas for which you apply.


 Students aged 19-23 years

Some courses are subsidised by the government.  You may be entitled to a discount for these courses dependant upon your circumstances.

Fees for this course are: £1635

Exam fees and other costs for this course are: £1635

Students aged 24+ years

Some courses up to Level 2 are subsidised by the government.  If you are applying for a Level 3 or Level 4 course, you may be eligible to apply for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan; for further information visit

Fees for this course are: £3022

Exam fees and other costs for this course are: £3022

You can find out more about the financial support available at the College at


Students may need to contribute towards the cost of trips.

Further Information

Contact name:

John Patterson

Contact school:

School of Access and Advanced Education

Contact number:

For further details please contact the Information Office on 01522 876274