Tue, 01/03/2016
It’s Newark College Open Day on 23rd March and we have been challenging staff and students to take the egg roulette challenge.

Those who rose to the challenge had to choose an egg from our special Open Day box and crack it over their head; half of the eggs were hard boiled but the rest were raw. With 23 days until the open day and 23 eggs in total, it was a scramble to avoid the raw eggs!

We will be releasing one egg roulette #RUChicken video each day in the lead up to Newark College Open Day, see our staff and students as they eggscape unscathed or become the butt of the yolk.


Martin Booth, Director of Education and Training at Newark College said:

“I was determined not to be beaten by the challenge so was keen to get cracking; I said that I would take part in egg roulette and I certainly wasn’t yolking!

“We are all very eggcited for our Open Day; we want you to eggcel in your future and the evening will allow you to beat the scramble and plan your eggcellent future with us. We have a range of courses that are free – you could say they are free range.

“We shell look forward to seeing you there!”

Register for our Open Day online.

See the egg roulette videos on our YouTube channel, Instagram or Facebook and Twitter pages. 


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