The Newark School of Violin Making

The internationally renowned Newark School of violin making and repair provides a wide range of practical instrument making skills for violin, viola and cello. It also teaches professional techniques for the repair and restoration of stringed instruments covering the main requirements of the violin trade.  Bow repair classes are a recent addition.

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All of these skills are as much in demand today as they were 300 or 400 years ago and students come from all over the world to study here which creates a rich and diverse range of experience, age and culture. Our students have the opportunity to begin with a basic level of woodworking standards or join us with more advanced skills. Graduates find employment in violin workshops around the world and many have progressed to become leaders in the fields of instrument-making, restoration and dealing in rare instruments.

Located in the centre of Newark, a short walk from the main college campus, the school has developed close links with many professionals and organisations within the industry.

The school has strong links with the BVMA, Luthiers Sans Frontiers and the Italian violin making centre of Cremona (home to the maker of the famous Stradivarius) amongst others.


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