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Under 19s Courses & Apprenticeships

Deciding on the next step when you finish your GCSEs can be tough. This section is designed to help you make your mind up, but if you already know exactly which course is right for you, scroll to the bottom of the page and start using our course finder.

Courses & Apprenticeships

You have three options to choose from. All three are equally valid, all three can lead to great careers and all three can be a route to studying at degree-level and higher.

Our technical training courses involve full-time study at college. You will take part in  a blend of classroom learning and practical hands-on skill development in our workshops, studios and labs.

If you want to progress to University when you are 18 then taking our A-levels courses is probably the right choice for you.

And if you want to start work and start earning money while you study and learn new skills, an apprenticeship might be the right choice. Here you work for a company, but also attend college for some of the time to gain your qualification.

You can find out more below, but you’re not on your own. We offer free impartial careers guidance to anyone in the community. To book a session call: 030 030 32435, or email

You can read our Lincoln College ESFA 16 to 19 Tuition Fund Statement here. This explains how we are funded and the conditions of this funding.

Technical Training

Technical training explained

There are a wide range of vocational courses; these include BTECs, First Diplomas, National Qualifications and National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs).

We run a huge range of these courses in construction and engineering trades, media, sport, tourism, animal care, music, art and catering.

You can start your search at the bottom of this page.

We also run a number of specialist employer-led training programmes that involve incredible access to industry experts and experiences. Scroll down to find out more.

Study programmes

Our technical training involves a lot more than just doing a course – we’re focused on getting you ready for your career.

This is why you will sign up to a study programme includes; your technical training course, maths, English, work experience and tutorials.

Maths and English

Our aim is to improve your literacy and numeracy skills while you are with us to make sure you are career ready.

This may mean you re-sitting your GCSEs in these subjects to try and get a better grade, or taking a Functional Skills course.

We’ll give you an assessment when you start your course to figure out the best option for you.

Work experience

Work Experience is really important as it gives you an idea of what working life is like in your chosen career.

It also shows you why your training is so important and gives you an insight into some of the other skills you might need to work on; like confidence, IT and organising yourself effectively.

On some courses students take part in Extended Industry Placements.

This involves spending much more time in the workplace with employers  meaning you’ll be even better prepared when you leave us.

You will have to take some responsibility for organising your work experience, but we also have a team to support you.


Tutorials are some space and time away from your normal lessons to work on your career-ready skills.

You will work with tutors to set targets to aim for, figure out if you need any extra support and get help with organising work experience.

Tutorials also focus on additional skills you might need to succeed and often involve local employers giving guest talks so you can find out more about your career of choice.

You can start your search at the bottom of this page.

What courses can I do at Lincoln Gainsborough and Newark

Lincoln and Newark Colleges are both General Further Education Colleges, which means they have a really wide range of technical training courses for almost all industries.

Start your course search at the bottom of the page and use the “choose a campus” box to select your study location.

Gainsborough College is a specialist centre of excellence for the Engineering and Construction Trades.

It is also the home of Made in Gainsborough – a two-year engineering apprenticeship scheme with manufacturing firms in the West Lindsey area.

Supported Education

We offer a wide range of Skills for Work courses that provide extra support and learning to prepare you for your chosen career. 

Options include Skills for Independence courses, supported internships and skills courses in catering, construction, creative and performing arts, customer service & retail, health and social care and sport.

Find out more about supported education


What is an apprenticeship?

It’s a real job, with hands-on experience, a salary and the chance to train while you work. You’re treated just like all the other employees, with a contract of employment and holiday leave.

When you're an apprentice:

  • You get paid and train at the same time, with at least 20% of your time spent in off the job training, often at a college, university or with a training provider
  • You train to be fully competent in your chosen occupation
  • You’re on a career path - with lots of future potential for you
  • Your apprenticeship can take between one and six years to complete, depending on which apprenticeship you choose, what level it’s at, and your previous experience.
  • Different apprenticeships are available all over England, at companies large and small, in a wide range of industries and organisations. From local organisations to large national brands.
  • You get valuable hands-on experience working whilst you learn, which helps you progress in your working life.
  • Completing your apprenticeship means you've earned and learned. Given your training is funded by contributions from the government and your employer, and you receive a regular salary, apprenticeships are a great option for getting on the job ladder or supercharging your career.
View Apprenticeship Vacancies
What are the benefits for me?

Once you’ve successfully finished, you have plenty of choices. You could apply for another apprenticeship or find a career that uses your new skills.

Some of the top reasons for becoming an apprentice:

  • Earn while you learn and get paid a competitive salary
  • Your training is free
  • Choose from hundreds of different apprentice jobs in thousands of organisations
  • Get high quality training paid for by your employer and the government
  • A great way to get back into the workplace after a career break, or to re-train in a new areas
  • Get a boost to your future earnings potential
  • Develop the skills you need for a range of exciting jobs or careers, no matter your age or background

How much can I earn?

Your salary will depend upon the industry, location and type of apprenticeship you choose.

The minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.90 per hour if you’re aged 16 to 18 - but many employers pay far more than this.

What will it cost me?

When you become an apprentice, you’ll need to cover the cost of your day-to-day expenses, such as lunch and travel.

If you’re a care leaver aged 16-24, you’ll receive a £1,000 bursary payment to support you in the first year of your apprenticeship.

View Apprenticeship Vacancies
Our apprenticeships

We work with more than 1,000 local employers across a wide range of industries to help them find the right apprentice for the job, could that be you?

An apprenticeship combines studying with on-the-job training; it provides the opportunity to develop practical skills, earn a wage and work towards nationally recognised qualifications.

As an apprentice you will work for a local firm and then either attend college to complete some technical training, or an assessor will visit you in the workplace to carry out the training with you there.

If you’re still at school, you might not be able to start an apprenticeship straight away so it’s really important that you read the information below carefully and follow our advice.

View Apprenticeship Vacancies
How do I get started?

If you’re reading this and you’re still at school, you won’t be able to become an apprentice until you’ve turned 16 and finished your GCSE’s.

The first step is to find an apprenticeship vacancy (similar to a job vacancy) with a local firm.

You can start applying for these over the summer in your final year of GCSEs. You can find all of our current apprenticeship vacancies here. 

The law states that you must be in full-time education or an apprenticeship between the ages of 16 and 18.

So, if you haven’t found an apprenticeship by September after you’ve left school you will need to start some other kind of study at college or a sixth form.

If you don’t, you’ll be breaking the law and if your parents receive benefits these could be affected.

We advise all school leavers who want to be an apprentices to sign up for a full-time college course in a related subject as well as applying for apprenticeship vacancies.

E.g. if you want to be an engineering apprentice apply for on of our Level 2 engineering courses.

On our application form there will be a question asking you if you want to be an apprentice. Tick yes. If you do this, even after you have enrolled on your college course, we will send you apprenticeship vacancies and invite you in join sessions with our apprenticeship team, who will help you to find the right company to work for.

So you can start to build your skills and knowledge in the subject while we help you to find a great firm to start working for.

As soon as secure an apprenticeship, we will transfer you to this from your course and you can start your career.

Click here to view course information and the full list of all our apprenticeships on our Apprenticeships Career Choices Page

View Apprenticeship Vacancies


Our A-Levels

A-Levels are a great option for those who enjoy learning in a classroom and who are planning to progress to higher study.

Why Study A Levels at College?

College is very different from school or sixth form – you are treated as an adult, will learn how to manage your own time outside of lectures and develop new skills.

There are no bells, assemblies or uniform – you are free to take control of your own learning in a sociable and mature atmosphere.

You will be able to learn in a fun and dynamic environment and your lessons will be both challenging and stimulating.

During your studies you will be supported by our highly-qualified staff, who will regularly review your progress against your target grades and future plans and guide you in your next steps.

When you study A Levels with us you will have the opportunity to join a Career Pathway; each Pathway has a focus on a distinct career area, which determines the main subject qualifications.

Simply choose the one that will lead you into the career you want. Once you have selected your Pathway, you will then choose from a complementary set of subjects to study alongside your main subject.

All of our Pathways provide industry relevant learning to ensure you leave with the skills that employers are looking for.

Check out our pathways below.

Apply for A Levels
Business and Legal

Joining the A Level Business and Legal Career Pathway will enable you to understand and appreciate the nature and scope of the extensive world of business.

Industry experienced tutors at the College, both in teaching and business, deliver a comprehensive and exclusive insight into the world of business.

During the programme you will gain valuable knowledge in the core areas of business including marketing, human resources, finance and the business environment. You will undertake valuable work experience and insight days in a business environment, a great addition for applications to university or into employment.

Example enrichment:

  • Enterprise Club – set up your own business!

Typical A Level choices include:

  • Maths
  • Business Studies
  • Law
  • Geography
Apply for A Levels
Crime and Society

Interested in a career where you actively engage with society, looking at how people behave and work towards influencing the world around us?

With the Crime and Society Pathway you will undertake valuable work experience and insight days within Crime/Society settings; examples include the YMCA, Police and Princes Trust - great additions for applications to university or into employment.

Example enrichment:

  • Volunteering

Typical A Level choices include:

  • Biology
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Religious Studies
  • Geography
Apply for A Levels
Engineering and Maths

This is an enhanced route into Engineering as an alternative to the usual vocational route.

Our unique Engineering A Level Career Pathway is designed to equip you with the academic and professional skills needed to pursue a successful career within this dynamic industry.

The College’s strong industry links, combined with its purpose built state-of-the-art science facilities, will enable you to establish a career within Engineering.

Students leave with the technical ability employers want, as well as giving the industry the skilled workforce it needs. You will undertake valuable work experience and insight days in Engineering/Maths as a great addition for applications to university or into employment.

Example enrichment: 

  • UK Math’s Challenge 

Typical A Level choices include:

  • Art
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
Apply for A Levels
Health and Medicine

Joining the Health and Medicine A Level Career Pathway allows you to develop a wider knowledge and understanding of medical and care organisations and practices.

As well as studying your core A Levels to progress into employment or onto higher education you will also undertake high-quality Health/Medicine related work experience and insight days, gaining real industry experience.

Example enrichment:

  • Lincoln College Pre-Medical Certificate

Typical A Level choices include:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English (For those interested in Speech Therapy)
  • Physics
  • Art (For those interested in Art Therapy)
  • Psychology
Apply for A Levels
Heritage and Culture

The Heritage and Culture pathway is aimed at people who are interested in history, archaeology, art and culture and may be considering further study and/or employment in these fields.

Through visits to local galleries, museums and archives and buildings of cultural and historical interest, such as the Castle and Cathedral, you will gain the opportunity to study how historical and artistic artefacts are collected, stored and presented to the public.

Visiting speakers such as archaeologists, curators, artists, charity workers and publicists will be invited to introduce the work of key practitioners in the field and shed an insight on the issues and opportunities of their professions.

You will therefore be able to gain an awareness of creative and cultural work including some aspects of engaging with public audiences and the marketing and ‘business’ side of the sector.  It is anticipated that students on this pathway will engage in related work experience.

There may also be an optional opportunity to work towards an additional qualification through engaging in your own related projects, whether that be a local history project (including oral history or tracing a family tree), writing your own ‘guided tour’ of a site of local interest, creating a marketing campaign or curating a mock art exhibition or historic monument (such as a war memorial).

Typical A Level choices include:


  • History
  • Religious studies
  • English Literature
  • Geography
Apply for A Levels
Media and Journalism

If you’re interested in current affairs and you’d like a career using your excellent writing skills, media and journalism offers lots of exciting opportunities.

Students taking this exciting pathway will stand out from the crowd and will be able to access a broad spectrum of university degrees and subsequently progress into fields such as Creative Writing, Editing, Film Production, Film/TV and Media Journalism, Publishing, Reporting, and beyond.

As part of the pathway you will undertake valuable work experience and insight days within a Media/Journalism setting, a great addition for applications to university or into employment.

Example enrichment:

  • Research Project 

Typical A Level choices include:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Law
  • Geography
Apply for A Levels

Interested in gaining practical experience teaching in a Primary or Secondary school classroom?

This pathway will help you gain both the practical and theoretical experience required to follow that dream.

As part of the pathway you will undertake - in conjunction with Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) - a pre-teaching award with valuable work experience within a Primary or Secondary School setting; a great addition for applications to university. 

Example enrichment:

  • Pre-Teaching Course (worth 16 UCAS points)

Typical A Level choices include:

  • English Language/Literature
  • Maths
  • Biology/Chemistry/ Physics 
  • Religious Studies
  • History
  • Geography
Apply for A Levels

The science career pathway is designed to introduce you to the huge range of job and career opportunities available in the science-based industries.

There are great careers on offer working for companies at the leading edge of discovery, development and new technology. As part of the pathway you will undertake valuable work experience and insight days within a Science/Research setting, a great addition for applications to university or into employment.

Example Enrichment:

  • Lincoln College Handling Substances certificate 

Typical A Level choices include:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
Apply for A Levels
Not sure which A-Levels?

Not sure what career you want to go on to after your A Levels? With our combined pathway you can pick any subjects that interest you.

You will be supported with high-quality careers advice and have the opportunity to undertake insight days in a number of different career paths.

Example Enrichment:

  • Award/Certificate in Personal Effectiveness
Apply for A Levels

T Levels are coming soon...

T Levels are a new, 2-year qualification designed to give you a head start towards the career you want. The government has developed T Levels to deliver world-class technical education and give you a new choice after GCSEs.

Lincoln College will start delivering T Levels in September 2022 and we will accept applications from school-leavers from October 2021. The following T Levels will be delivered from September 2022:

  • Supporting Healthcare
  • Early Years Education Childcare 
  • Assisting Teaching 

Find out all about T Levels here

Specialist training programmes

Air & Space Institute (ASI) at Newark

World class training for the air and space industry

For the first time education and training programmes have been co-designed by the air and space industry using the job roles as the blueprint for the qualifications.

ASI operates in partnership with industry giants like the RAF to fill job roles for pilots, engineers and ground-crew in airlines, the military, airports and logistics companies in the UK and abroad.

That means when our students graduate they can slot into one of our partner firms as an apprentice or contracted employees and hit the ground running.

Find out more and apply here

Institute of Technology (IOT)

The Institute of Technology is a unique collaboration between the University of  Lincoln and Further Education providers across Greater Lincolnshire.

The IOT specialises in delivering higher technical education with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, opening up opportunities for students to gain industry-relevant skills to overcome some of the key challenges facing the technology industries.

Find out more about the Institute of Technology (IOT)
Newark College Construction Centre of Excellence

Our new state-of-the-art Construction Centre of Excellence opens at Newark College in September and we're recruiting school-leavers now.

Train for lucrative careers in plumbing and wider construction specialisms.

Our Centre of Excellence is backed by local employers who will interview our students for apprenticeship vacancies when they complete their course.

Specialise in plumbing from the outset or try our Construction Skills course, which covers plumbing, brickwork, carpentry and joinery and painting and decorating. You can then progress to specialise at Level 2.

Level 1 Plumbing

Level 2 Plumbing

Level 1 Construction Skills

Air & Defence College

Our Air & Defence College (ADC) is an amazing opportunity to pursue a career with the RAF, or the wider aerospace industry.

The ADC enables students to complete their core academic studies, alongside full-time technical training, creating a clear pathway to an exciting, rewarding future.

Find out more about the Air & Defence College
Policing College

Lincoln College has designed the UK's first Policing College in partnership with Lincolnshire Police and G4S.

School leavers will complete level 2 and 3 qualifications to develop the skills they need to enter police support roles such as Emergency Call Handlers, Custody and Detention Officers, IT Officers, and Business Admin staff.

Students will get an exclusive insight into police training; taking part in CSI, dog handling, cyber security, public order and fitness activities.

Level 3 graduates will also get the chance to progress to a Professional Policing BA (Hons) Degree course. This will prepare them for a career as a police officer with Lincolnshire Police.

Find out more about the Policing College
Care College

Lincoln college’s care college is a unique training experience, which has been designed by our industry partners to give 16 to 19-year-olds the technical knowledge, values and experience needed to build hugely rewarding careers in the care sector.

For the first time in the UK students who successfully complete this course will leave with the nationally recognised gold standard care qualification, the Care Certificate.

Students will also gain a Level 2 and/or Level 3 Care qualification.

All students will have completed extensive industry placements in a variety of care settings and will be guaranteed a job or apprenticeship interview with one of our industry partners.

Find out more about the Care College
Construction College

Building on the success of our employer-led Construction College at Gainsborough, this approach has now been expanded across all construction trades at Lincoln.

Our course are being redesigned and enhanced by local construction employers and supplier firms.

Our close relationships with employers dramatically increases employment opportunities for our students and we also run skills competitions that can lead to exciting apprenticeship opportunities.

Find out more about the Construction College
Digital Apprenticeships with Microsoft & Risual

Our Digital Academy, run in partnership with Microsoft and Risual Education Ltd, boosts digital skills via apprenticeship in job roles like IT Infrastructure Technicians,  Information Analysts, Digital Marketing Executives, Software Developers and Cyber Security Operatives.

Apprentices train in a custom-designed, state-of-the-art Microsoft Showcase classroom on Microsoft Surface Pros, with an 84-inch Microsoft Surface Hub used as a teaching aide.

Find out more about Digital Apprenticeships
Made in Gainsborough: apprenticeships for engineers

Made in Gainsborough is a unique opportunity to build a career in engineering in Gainsborough through an apprenticeship with some of the town’s best-known firms.

Our Made in Gainsborough partners; AMP Rose, Eminox, Wefco, Regal, Trepko, Clean Tech, A Schulman and Hooton Engineering are all looking for school-leaver and adult apprentices to work for them.


These firms worked with Gainsborough College to build this centre of excellence as they were finding it difficult to fill their job vacancies with highly skilled local people.

Find out more about Gainsborough: apprenticeships for engineers

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We can help with mental health, safeguarding, financial and practical issues you may have.

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