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Terms and Conditions

Once you have accepted an offer of a place on a Higher Education programme of study at Lincoln College, a legal contract is formed between you and the College based on the terms and conditions of your offer and the terms and conditions set out in this document. The document also includes information about how to initiate a transfer to or from an alternative place of study.

Please ensure that you read this document carefully before you choose to accept an offer, if you have queries or questions regarding any aspect of this information please contact

1. Conditional Offers

Your offer of a place, along with an invitation to enrol, is made on the basis that the information supplied in your application papers is true and complete, and that you hold the qualifications that you claim to hold. You may be asked at enrolment stage to produce satisfactory evidence of your previous qualifications, the College reserves the right to accept original documents only. If you are found, at any stage, to have misrepresented your circumstances the offer and subsequent enrolment will be deemed null and void.

Your place on a course will be subject to you meeting the conditions identified in the offer letter that will be sent to you. These conditions may require particular qualifications and/or legal requirements eg. DBS checks, immigration clearance.

Students who are non-native English speakers or who have not studied the final two years of school in English must demonstrate capability in English at a standard commensurate with IELTS 6.0 - with a minimum of 5.5 being awarded on individual sections for a level 4 or 5 qualification.

Applicants may be required to complete an additional entry assessment to demonstrate their competency levels in written English.

Admissions tutors may deem it necessary to request that some students complete the Lincoln College ‘Study Skills for HE’ short course in order to demonstrate sufficient academic study skills for successful study on their selected programme. This may be the case for applicants with non-standard entry requirement or applicants that have taken a significant break between study periods. This is a full cost course that is available to all prospective HE students.

As part of the admissions and enrolment processes you are required to disclose any relevant unspent criminal convictions.  For some programmes (eg. Sport, teacher training) you may be required to disclose all convictions and cautions  - whether spent or unspent (with the exception of Protected Convictions and Cautions as defined by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974) and to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) application. The pre-course information will identify courses where this is a requirement, and you will be reminded of this by the College at offer stage. You are required to inform the College of any changes to your circumstances which may affect your DBS status and your position regarding the conditions of your offer or place on a programme.

Your offer of a place at Lincoln College will be confirmed to you in writing in addition to the electronic confirmation received through UCAS. This letter of confirmation forms a legal contract between you and the College on the basis of the terms and conditions set out in this document and within your offer letter. The College may end this contract if you fail to meet the conditions required or fail to comply with the terms and conditions set.

You have the right to cancel this contract under the Consumer Contract (Information, Cancellation and Additional Payments) Regulations 2013 within 14 days without the need to provide any reason.

This cancellation period will expire 14 days following receipt of your acceptance of an offer of a place on a Lincoln College programme of study. 

You will be reimbursed any payments made prior to the cancellation. If you have commenced your studies within the 14 day cancellation period, you will be charged an amount proportionate to the services received prior to the communication of your intention to cancel.

You are advised to discuss any support needs or disabilities which may affect your ability to study on your selected programme with Student Services and the relevant academic department. The College will always endeavour to make any reasonable adjustments required and ongoing support is available throughout your study with us. Further information regarding our student support services can be found at

If you require a visa to study in the UK you must comply, by the deadlines set, with all requests for information and documentation to support your application in order to obtain a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the College. The College is under an obligation to report to the UKVI any student who does not enrol on their nominated programme, students absent from their programme without permission, students whose registration is terminated by the College and/or students in violation of their visa conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the terms of your student visa whilst studying in the UK, including any arrangements made regarding your rights to work.  For further information regarding immigration issues and International applications, please see

Tier 4 Visa Information

Visas and Immigration – UCAS guidance

Visas and Immigration – Home Office Guidance

The offer letter that you receive will confirm the tuition fees payable for your chosen programme, along with any additional fees that may be required. Your offer letter will also state the payment schedule for your programme in line with your chosen payment method (Student Finance, sponsor / employer or self-financing). Please read the Lincoln College Fees Policy for further information regarding payment schedules and requirements. Please note that failure to make payments by the agreed date may result in revoked access to library and computing facilities, termination of your registration and/or withholding of awards.

Tuition fees set at the start of your programme of study will remain fixed for the duration of your programme.


Most courses expect you to read around and research your subject.   You will probably have some recommended key texts for each module.  The Library will have copies of key texts in stock (in print or online) but you may wish to purchase your own copy of some titles.   University level textbooks usually cost between £30 - £50 each, but you may be able to source them second hand at a lower price. 

Printing and photocopying

All students receive £20 of printing/photocopying credit each year.   Once you have used up your allocation you will need to purchase more credit. 

Library overdue charges

All library loans are subject to charges for the late return of items borrowed.   The cost varies depending on the type of loan ranging from 10p – 50p per day per loan.  No charges are due if items are returned or renewed by their due date.

If library resources are damaged or lost whilst on loan to you, you are liable to pay the replacement cost plus any administrative charges.

Library interlibrary loan charges

The library is not able to provide access to all the books and journals you may require for individual assignments and research.   Students may request journal articles and books not available in the Library through the interlibrary loan service.   Charges are payable for obtaining these items; these are subject to a quota depending on which year of a course you are on.  Where there is a charge, the charges range from £1 to paying the full cost of obtaining the item.   The full cost will vary depending on the item requested and where it is obtained from.  Please email for more detailed information.

Binding assignments and dissertations

You may be required to bind and present assignments and dissertations.   Binding kits are available to purchase from The Library if you wish to utilise this service.

Specialist printing

You may be required to utilise specialist print services for some assignments e.g. large posters.   The college is not able to provide this service, so you will need to find an external supplier and pay for this service.

Intellectual property created whilst you are a student at Lincoln College will ordinarily be owned by you, with the exception of limited circumstances eg. Where the College is required to protect its charitable status. Once an offer is accepted for a place at the College, you are accepting the College’s rights of ownership and rights to use and copy.

Lincoln College does not offer student accommodation of its own. You will receive, in addition to your offer letter, an information pack regarding student accommodation in Lincoln along with general information about Lincoln as a City.

Lincoln College is committed to providing you with a high quality learning experience that will support and enable you to progress, develop and achieve. In order to achieve and maintain a positive learning environment that is conducive to this experience both staff and students are expected to treat each other with mutual respect and dignity at all times. The Lincoln College Student Charter sets our standard expectations for behaviour and codes of conduct and the Student Disciplinary Procedure will be followed in instances where students are in breach of this code.

As a student you will be provided with academic tuition, support and pastoral care whilst studying on your programme.  The following Lincoln College policies and procedures form more detailed additions to our terms of offer, so please ensure that you are familiar with these prior to accepting an offer of a place on a programme of study:

Student Charter

Malpractice & Maladministration

Equality and Diversity Policy

Admissions Policy

Fees Policy

Customer Complaints and Grievance Policy

Mental Health and Disability Support Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Student Assessment and Appeals Policy

Student Disciplinary Procedure

Internet, Computer and Email Acceptable Use Policy

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the College taking action against you which could lead to the termination of your registration or revoking of your award.

Lincoln College currently work with a number of University partners who validate Higher Education courses that we deliver. These courses are clearly distinguishable by the presence of the relevant University logo, along with clear signposting within the course-specific information. Validated courses have been approved by the applicable University for delivery by Lincoln College, with the final award being issued by the University partner. Students on validated programmes are recruited by and funded directly to Lincoln College. Whilst our partnership agreements with each University are unique, some of the key responsibilities of both the College and our University partners can be found below.

Responsibilities of the validating Universities:

Assure the overall quality and academic standards of the programme by appointing an External Examiner to conduct an annual review
Support the course team in managing course level arrangements by appointing a designated Link Tutor at the validating University
Make decisions regarding cases of academic irregularity
Manage student complaints where the Lincoln College procedures fail to produce a satisfactory outcome

Responsibilities of Lincoln College:

Enrolment of students and maintenance of accurate student records
Register students with the validating University

Maintain student records and formally reporting student marks and outcomes
Provide teaching staff with sufficient qualifications to deliver the validated programmes
Deliver all aspects of teaching and assessment
Provide learning opportunities appropriate to the achievement of the academic standards required by the programme
Provide appropriate premises, library resources, IT and materials to deliver validated programmes and support students
Provide academic support and student welfare services
Provide opportunities for students to give feedback about their programme
Participate in second marking and moderation activities, as required by the University
Provide students with an opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony following successful completion of an award

The College makes all reasonable efforts to deliver the programmes of study, additional opportunities and other services and facilities described in this publication and other College documents.

However, the College may in some circumstances be required to:

make reasonable variations to the content and/or syllabus of programmes of study
alter the timetable, location, number of classes and/or method of delivery of programmes of study and methods and timings of assessments, provided such alterations are reasonable and necessary
 make reasonable changes to its regulations, policies and procedures
combine programmes of study
suspend, discontinue or not provide programmes of study

The College may be required to take the actions outlined above in the following circumstances and/or for the following reasons:

if the College reasonably considers this to be necessary in order to appropriately manage its resources and/or provide continuous improvement in the best interests of students
to comply with the requirements on an awarding, validating  or accrediting body / HEI
because a key member of staff is unwell or leaves the College and/or because too few students apply to join a programme for it to be viable
due to developments in theories or practices in academic and professional areas, which will be in the interests of students
to comply with changes in law or comply with the instructions of the College's regulators or a professional body
in order to implement enhancements recommended by the College’s External Examiners or identified through quality assurance processes, for example Academic Programme Review or Validating/ Awarding organisation requirement / recommendation
to respond to any changes in external funding arrangements
to ensure compliance with best practice in the sector in the interests of students

If the College chooses to exercise its right to make changes in accordance with the above, it shall take all reasonable steps to notify the affected students and minimise any disruption to their studies.

In the unlikely event that the College discontinues,  fails to provide a programme of study or significantly changes the content or syllabus of a programme, method of delivery or method of assessment of a programme or the location at which a programme is taught, (in each case either before or after a programme begins):

the College will consider and implement any mitigation measures it concludes are reasonable and proportionate in the relevant circumstances, to minimise any disruption to students’ studies
the College will tell the relevant individuals at the earliest possible opportunity
the College will seek to offer the individual a suitable replacement programme at the College for which the individual is qualified (and subject to the individual student meeting relevant conditions for the programme)

If the individual does not wish to accept the College's offer of a replacement programme or the College is unable to offer a replacement programme, an individual will be entitled to:

withdraw his / her application
withdraw from the programme

In the event that the individual student withdraws, the College will make an appropriate refund of tuition fees and deposits paid in line with the Lincoln College Fees Policy.

The College will provide students with educational services with reasonable care and skill.  The College will also provide you with a range of pastoral and support services in addition to the services being provided under these Terms.  Please note that the availability and scope of these pastoral and support services are subject to change during your programme of study for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, in response to funding arrangements and the needs of students.  The College therefore maintains discretion to vary and/or amend the availability and scope of pastoral and support services at any time.

The College will not be liable to you for any failure or delay in the delivery of provision outlined in this document if it is due to any event beyond our reasonable control eg. Strikes / industrial action, acts of God, National emergencies.

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