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Supported Education

We offer a wide range of courses that provide extra support and learning to prepare you for your chosen career.

Support where you need it

Students follow an individualised study programme moving on to further learning, greater independence or employment.

We have a large team of specialist staff who can assess the support needs of learners who identify themselves or are referred by tutors. The team provides support, specialist equipment and adapted resources. They are also responsible for arranging exam concessions and extra time for students with special educational needs, a disability or health problems.

What can I study?

Develop practical skills in your chosen subject area.

Lincoln College
Newark College

Supported Education Pathways

Your journey is important to us. We have plenty of options to get you started on working towards your dream career.

These are one or two year programmes for learners whose ultimate goal is to access mainstream college programmes or gain employment.

Students often require time to mature and develop academically, emotionally or socially. These courses support learners who may have had negative experiences in previous educational settings and may have had behavioural issues in the past. The courses are delivered at Entry Level and Level 1.

Work focus options currently include Catering, Construction, Creative and Performing Arts, Customer Service & Retail, Health & Social Care and Sport

This programme develops a range of skills to promote and support greater independence in day to day living for learners with learning difficulties, disabilities and support needs. 

Learners may need a higher level of supervision and possibly 1-to-1 learning support requirements. Learners are working from Pre-Entry to Entry Level 3.

You can study this programme at Lincoln College or Newark College.

This is an employment-based 6-12 month programme for learners under 25 years of age with an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) or individual support needs. Interns are given the opportunity to gain employability skills in the work place.

You will initially be accompanied by a Job Coach who assists with the transition into work and helps build the relationship and understanding of needs between the employer and the learner.

Maths and English are an integral part of this programme.

The ultimate aim is paid employment so you need to be ready for work with the appropriate guidance and support.

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programme at Lincoln College. ESOL is designed to cater to the language learning needs of individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds.The course runs from September to June, offering a full-time programme with classes at mixed proficiency levels ranging from Entry 1 to Level 1.

This structure ensures that students are able to progress onto courses within the college or go to university, confidently enter the workforce, or enhance their language skills for effective communication.

Fantastic Work Experience

We believe work experience is the best way to get students industry-ready.

Whether you're working on campus at our allotment, selling products, or offsite, you'll receive all the necessary support to develop the skills for your future - all while having a great time!

Supported Education Art Show 2024

Support our students at our upcoming show!

Here it from our students

Student experience is important to us. Take a look at a few of our student journeys on our Supported Education programme.

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