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Online and On Campus

Online and On Campus is a partnership with Mindful Education that provides you with the ultimate learning experience - a seamless combination of online education and regular on-campus lessons.

Blended Accountancy Training

We understand the challenges you face in juggling multiple responsibilities - that's why we've revolutionised learning by offering blended courses with different levels of accounting available; you can achieve a well-rounded education without compromising your busy schedule.

No more sacrificing your job or precious family time.

We believe in empowering you to find balance and take charge of your education journey.

Achieving your qualifications has never been easier!

With our innovative approach, achieving your qualifications has never been easier!

Have access high-quality course materials and interactive resources at your convenience, allowing you to study whenever and wherever suits you best.

• The college’s part-time AAT Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 courses are now available through ourOnline and On Campus study method. This is a blended learning solution

• Students learn online, accessing award-winning courses developed by our partner, Mindful Education

• Students also regularly attend college classes

• Assessment is through a mixture of assignments and end of unit exams

• Funding is available for eligible learners - a key point of difference to distance learning providers

• Learners apply and enrol at the college in the usual way

Benefits of the Online and On Campus approach

• The flexible study method allows students to learn around work and life commitments

• Award-winning content can be accessed at any time, on any device

• Students benefit from being part of a class that meets regularly on campus, supported by an experienced college tutor

• Financial support is available for AAT courses at all levels - including full or partial funding, advanced learner loans and instalment plans

• In addition to course fees (set by the college), students will need to pay exam entry fees and AAT membership fees, amounting to approximately £350 for each year

• In some cases, course fees may be paid by an employer

• Adults (18+) who are seeking to enter the accountancy profession

• People already working in a bookkeeping or administration role who want to gain formal accountancy qualifications in order to progress their career

• Online and On Campus courses are ideal for students with busy lives, who will appreciate the flexibility

• This approach is not for everyone; for those without significant time pressures who are willing and able to attend college regularly, the traditional face-to-face approach may be more suitable

Variety of options

Our current offering of Accountancy qualifications gives you a variety of options to choose from. Whether you're seeking professional development, a career change, or personal growth, Mindful Education equips you with the tools to succeed.